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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Diary: A December Tuesday

Dear Diary:  

Yesterday, I got up, worked on my blogs, and then got down to cleaning the house and organizing the office/sewing, room while watching a marathon of Paranormal State  I got caught up on laundry and vacuumed too.  I let Christmas go for a day and did some normal stuff, and it felt really good.
I moved some furniture into our room to make room for my filing cabinet, and some brick and board shelves that I am going to get at ACE after Christmas (decided to go cheap and be flexible this time around).  I have a great "creative" room going around here, but I need to be able to find everything organize it so that I can enjoy it and use it even more.  Good, better, best ... never let it rest, until the good is better and the better's best.
I like watching Paranormal State, because they are real people doing their work, and their work is often dealing with the ins and outs of spiritual warfare.  It is their ministry. They are not worried about invoking the name of Jesus Christ on t.v. as they deal with the real evil that sometimes occurs on their show.  Apparently you can tell Old Aunt Betty to leave your house and go to the light, but that is much different than dealing with demons. 

One of the episodes yesterday was actually very scary, and Ryan and his crew did all they could, but could not fix the situation.  So Ryan said he was tired of giving evil a platform and asked everybody watching the show and visiting his website to pray for the families involved.  He figured a million prayers would go far, and as they followed up with the families afterwords, sure enough the prayers had worked.  Cool.  

Next, Cary and I went to lunch in La Pine at Norma's Red Rooster Coffee House and Cafe, next to Homestead Quilts.  It was good food, reasonably priced, and very relaxing.  We talked to the guy who used to manage Gordy's for a little bit.  The cook came out and said hello; he knew Cary.  We visited with Lee, of Lee's Appliance for quite a while.  He is so nice.  We met a new friend, Jackie, a college student who was there on her laptop applying for jobs online.  I showed her my blog and my Central Oregon and McKenzie River websites.  I just couldn't help it, I had to share my work.

We left there, and went to Bi Mart, but didn't find anything.  We then drove to Sunriver and walked around on the mall, but we didn't find anything there either.  It was a nice day, kind of cold but not bad, and very pretty.  There was hardly anybody in Sunriver though.  Cary and the lady at Cate's Trading Post were reminiscing about how Sunriver used to be in the 1980's.  They said it was like Disneyland, that crowded on the mall.  

Then we came home and watched the Oregon State and BYU bowl game being held in Las Vegas.  It was so windy there and OSU got their butt kicked.  Oh well.  Right before the game began, my Dad called and said he was in the hospital for observation in Arizona for flu-like symptoms.  He sounded in good spirits though, and was glad that he called, because he thought the game started at 8:00 and it was actually just beginning as we spoke.  Dad asked a guy walking by to fix his t.v. so that he could watch OSU ultimately lose. 

Well, that was about it, that was my day.  I really enjoyed yesterday and spending time with my Best Friend Husband.  Today it is back to Christmas as I finish things up around here.  Lots of presents to wrap.  I'll try not to worry too much about my Dad being in the hospital, I am sure he will be fine and be out soon.  I hope!

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