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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to beautify a "goat" room:

My Grandma T. had a spare bedroom where she placed good stuff that she wasn't using anywhere else.  She called it her "goat" room.  Sometimes you could not even walk in there, and sometimes it was organized enough to have a path weaving through but it didn't look very good.  That is what had happened to our home office/craft room.  I certainly used the computer, but that was it.  So, yesterday, when most people were taking down their Christmas decorations, I decided to clean and organize it that room and make it beautiful.  Here are photos of the process.

The finished product:

The process:
This was my inspiration piece, the quilt that my friend Patty made us for a wedding present.  It used to be on the bed in the guest room.

This is one "before" picture.

This is another "before" picture.

I began hauling stuff out into other rooms.

This is the wall where the quilt went.

I took the artificial tree into the kitchen and sprayed the dusty leaves down with Windex.  After it dries, the dust is gone ... like magic!  It beats trying to wash off every leaf by hand.

Everything is off this wall now.  This room needs to be painted, but that didn't happen today!

The quilt is now up, and the craft table is underneath it.

This cupboard was next to the front door.

I moved it into the corner of the new room.

I began filling in the shelves.

Done, with the sewing and art supplies.

Now ready for card making, using my photography.

Partially done.

The sewing table/desk.

The computer desk.  I still need to get a filing cabinet and hang up the dry erase board and bulletin boards.  I took the extra Christmas tree and put it behind this desk.  I like how the table is at a slant.  I can see the living room, listen to the t.v. and look out the window at this angle.

Here it is, pretty, welcoming and functional.  Now I want to be in here, and will hopefully begin sewing my dolls again.  Plus, now I know where everything is again.  This project was a lot more fun and much easier than switching those two bedrooms last fall.

Yeah!  Good job, Kathy Matthews!

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