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Monday, December 21, 2009

In Hot Pursuit ... kind of:

Yesterday,  Cary took me to Bend to get the oil changed in our car (because I was negligent) and then to lunch at McGrath's.  Bless his heart.  I really needed to get out of this house, since I had been home since Thursday, working on Christmas and scanning tons of pictures.

On the way home, we stopped at the store in Sunriver for dog food.  As we were turning on to South Century Drive to go home, Cary spotted a drunk driver.  We scooted in right behind the truck with a problem driver, put our flashers on, and called 911.  This made the second time this week I called 911, which is kind of odd in itself.  The first time was the wreck in front of our house.

The 911 lady was very nice, but had no clue as to where we were located.  Maybe they should give the 911 ladies a tour of the county or something, upon hire.  Anyway, we got that all figured out, and followed the truck with a problem driver until we met up with the sheriff about 7 miles later.  

We thought the driver was a guy, but it really was a woman.  She was weaving all over the place, going all the way into the other lane and just staying there.  Like she was from Europe or something.  It was around 3:00, but some people had their headlights on.  The headlights seemed to attract her attention, because she would head right for them, in their lane.  From one side of the road to the other she went.  Back and forth.  At one point, she was about 15' from a head on collision.  It was scary.  We kept thinking, well at least we will be there to help when the wreck happens.   I'm thinking it would be called a wreck, not an accident in this case.

I was giving a running narrative to the 911 lady, as Cary was keeping an eye on things.  He is so funny, we were almost home and I said we should keep following until we met up with the cops.  The 911 lady thought that was a good idea, but Cary, a retired cop, said: "I followed drunks for 27 years,  and I am tired of following this one!"  Of course, he did the right thing and kept going.  

We don't know what happened in the end, because we left after she was pulled over.  The cop said he didn't smell alcohol ... hope he did a sobriety test though, because she was somehow impaired.  She could have easily killed somebody, and I am so glad that she didn't wreck.  I was really glad that she didn't drive into the Little Deschutes when we crossed over the bridge, because that would have been a damn cold rescue!

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