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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Things That Happen When You Stay Home: The Car Wreck in Our Front Yard

It began snowing in the morning yesterday.  Not the nice kind of snow, the big white fluffy stuff.  It was the wet, heavy, slushy stuff.  I had plans to get some things done outside the home, but thought, you know, I think I'll just stay home for a while and work on the Christmas gifts I am making for my siblings.  Sometimes my sister reads my blog, so I am only throwing out this hint on what they will be getting this year:

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews
Aunt Loveta, Grandpa Johnson, 
Dad and Uncle Kenny

Anyway, back to the main story.  My daughter Kari had just called, and I was talking to her about her Christmas project she is working on when I heard a loud THUD.  I said, oh no, I think there has been a wreck!  She said, do you need to go?  I said, yes.  Dana gave a startled bark, and I looked out the door to see a car in our yard and a tree of ours down.  I got off the phone, called 911 and ran outside in my slippers and p.j.'s.  The neighbor boys arrived on the scene seconds later.

There were five young people in a brand new little silver Mazda.  They were probably going a bit too fast, and the slush on the road was very slippery.  They were from Eugene, and were headed up to go skiing at Mt. Bachelor.   They were headed toward Sunriver and ended up facing the other way in the totaled car.  They were trying to get out.  The doors didn't open and the windows were broken.  The neighbor boys helped the three who were able and willing get out of the car.

The airbags and seat belts did the trick though, because, thankfully nobody was hurt very badly.  Two stayed in the car until the ambulance came ... one boy was hurting in his stomach, but nobody was bleeding, thank goodness.  

As soon as help arrived, (within minutes), I handed the phone over to the neighbor boys and I ran back in, got on warm clothes and boots and then took some blankets out to the kids.  The neighbor boys said it would be in poor taste for me to take any pictures for my blog, so I waited until afterward, when the tow truck arrived.  You can click on these to enlarge them for a better view:

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy ~ Kathy Matthews

Good job, Jason and Jeremy, neighbor boys, for jumping right in to help.  You kept calm, and I am so grateful you were there. 

What if I wouldn't have been home or was in the shower and didn't hear the impact of the car and the tree?  It would have taken a little bit longer for the ambulance to get there, I guess.  I got to thinking about how life goes on whether I am at home or away from home.  I know that sounds obvious, but it is kind of like a little kid hiding their head underneath a blanket an thinking that you can't see them. When I leave my house for the day, I don't think about it, unless I am thinking about whether the dogs need to come in our out. 

Besides the wreck, Mike came and put in a new propane tank into the BBQ.  The UPS man came and delivered a box from Shanna and John.  He knocked on the door and walked away without even saying: here is your package.  I was glad I was home for that, because it would have gotten wet where he put it. 

Today, I need to get back to running around, being in and out.  And I will miss the little, and maybe big, things that will happen in my absence.  Oh well!

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