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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Me and my best friend husband.

Me at home, after the funeral.  My pantyhose had made welts on my fat belly, and I just wore the first most comfortable clothing that I could find.  Bad mistake for having my picture taken, but I didn't care.  I kind of care now, but, oh, well, it is too late, so here I am in all my glory.  All I wanted to do when we got home from the funeral was to lie down on the love seat and take a nap, but since our home is the gathering place, I couldn't.  So, I picked out a soft lawn chair instead and tried to relax.

Everybody kept walking by me and saying, what is wrong with you?  What is wrong with your eyes?  You are so pink!  I guess that I have allergies this year to pollen or something.  Finally after a couple of hours, I got up and took an antihistamine, and then I felt better.

I posted this awful picture of me for another reason too.  It is my "before picture".  I AM going to start walking and riding my bike.  And engage in gardening.  Enough of this 30 extra pounds!


BECKY said...

Kathy, you are SO REAL!! You are funny and sweet and BRAVE!! :)
I'm with ya on the wanting to lose extra weight! Maybe we can help support each other long-distance!
But, seriously, you look adorable in this pic, and I LOVE the one of you and your hubby-best-friend! You look SO happy and he is quite handsome!! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! Thank you, and I'll tell him you said so. Oh, I told Chase that he is getting popular on my blog and he just gave a great big smile!

I know that I look awful, but it is a funny picture. You guys are lucky I didn't think to take a picture of my welted belly ... it hurt so bad.

I like that idea of long distance support. I know that my weight gain is due to lack of exercise more than poor eating habits. My neighbor Heidi and are are going to start walking, this week if possible and we need to get our bikes tuned up. I am actually looking forward to it.


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