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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks, Mom!

Jody and Ralph's Wedding Picture

As you know, Sunday was Mother's Day.  I was frazzled, since our Grandma had just died, and was in need of something simple and cheerful.  My post that day was some Mary Engelbreight artwork that reminded me of the different stages of motherhood.  I think that I scored pretty well on the yellow "grandmother" picture, don't you?

My kids wanted to drive over and spend the day with me, but I told them to just wait until next weekend, when we are having Grandma Pearl's funeral.  So they said, okay.  They are the best.  What would I ever do without them?

Anyway, this morning I wanted to say a few words about my Mom, otherwise known as Grandma Jody.  When I look at her in her wedding picture above, I think, wow, she looks just like my sister Julie!  And, then I think, wow, Spencer (my nephew) looks just like my Dad!  But those aren't very mushy Mother's Day thoughts, so here is a brief shout-out to my Mom:

My Mom is a very smart lady, a very hard worker and very generous with her time.  She is a retired registered nurse and is the parish nurse at her church.  She goes to Guatemala every spring with Cascade Medical Teams on a medical mission trip.  Mom has inspired two of her grandchildren to go with her, Ethan and Kristin.  She is also a CASA volunteer, helping to give a voice to children who are in difficult circumstances.  Those are just some of the things that she is up to these days.

In the old days, she was married to my Dad for over 20 years, and raised the four of us kids.  Mom puts her family first.  She is always there, and you can always count on her.  When you need help moving, painting or catching up on your laundry, Grandma Jody is your woman.  She never misses a birthday party or soccer game.  

There is so much more to say, but I am starting to cry, so I think I will stop here.  I love you Mom, Happy Mother's Day.  See you next weekend, at Grandma Pearl's funeral.

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