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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Billy the Exterminator and Vex Con:

This is one of my new favorite shows.  It really isn't like Dog the Bounty Hunter, except for the fact that they wear black leather, are a family business, and are on A & E.   The Bretherton Family at Vex Con are pretty traditional folks.  The draw for me? I enjoyed visiting Louisiana, so that catches my attention.  I couldn't live in a place with all those alligators, snakes and cockroaches, but it is very interesting to watch Billy and Ricky go at it.  Billy is very likable, and I learn a lot from watching this show.  Billy just might be by new secret boyfriend.  I think that he is more appropriate than Leland.  I got most of the following photos off of Vex Con's Facebook page.

Donnie, Bill Sr., Billy, Ricky and Mary

Meet Billy.  Billy the Exterminator.  The reason for the business, and for the show.

A former Air Force sergeant with 15 years of working in the extermination business, you gotta love this guy.   He's cute in his own way.  Billy is smart, nice, and laughs a lot.  He loves his mom, dad and brother.  He loves his wife, Mary, though she's kind of a pain.  The only person that he doesn't like is his sister-in-law, Pam.

Meet Ricky, Billy's brother, who is severely allergic to wasps.  Ricky loves his ex-wife, Pam, to no end.  Ricky drives everybody crazy, because Pam treats him like crap, but he won't take his ring off.  One time he thought he was actually over Pam, so he dated her best friend.  Ricky even brought her to work to meet his mom, Donnie.  The girl then asked to borrow Ricky's work truck, so he let her, and she took it over to some guy's house and never brought it back.  They even had to call the cops!  Ricky thinks that Mary, Billy's wife is very manipulative and that she is a pain in the butt.

This is Donnie, Billy and Ricky's mother.  She is a partner in the business, and does dispatch and runs the office.  Donnie is nice, but very bossy.  Because she is the mom, everybody is already used to that.  Donnie makes every call seem like an emergency, and always throws "there is a danger to the children" into her walkie-talkie so that Billy will not dawdle and will race right over to the source of the emergency.  Donnie hates Pam.  Donnie thinks that Mary is a pain too, but she is nice to her.  Donnie bosses Bill, Sr. around a lot too because he is her husband and recently suffered heart surgery.

This man is Bill, Sr., Donnie's husband and Billy and Ricky's dad.  Bill, Sr. sunk a bunch of money into Vex Con.  He is pretty quiet overall.  Bill keeps having troubles with his heart.  The ambulance had to come to the office on one of the re-runs last night.  He calls his unrelated workers the mules. 

To his credit, Bill doesn't say much about either Pam or Mary, so I am not sure where he stands on his daughter-in-laws.

This is Mary, Billy's wife.  Mary and Billy live in the same building where the office is.  Mary doesn't actually work for the company right now.  I thought that they let her go, but last night she gave her letter of resignation.  Maybe a case of too little too late on that one. Mary was making everybody mad, because when Donnie was gone, she would come into the office and begin training the employees, even though she had no idea what she was doing.   The employees were confused and not really buying into these unofficial training meetings.

Mary is pretty, and she loves Billy, but to me, she just doesn't seem as smart has he is.  Sorry, Mary.  People probably say the same thing about me.  In addition, now she is getting jealous because Billy works too much and she thinks he is out with other women.  I doubt that he is.  Ricky says that Billy needs peace when he gets home, not arguing, and if Mary doesn't knock it off  then she might come home from the store one day and find the locks changed.  Mary does not want to get the boot, so it may be a good idea for her to take Ricky's advice.  For the record, Mary is a much nicer lady than Pam.  Everybody agrees on that.  My guess is that Mary will probably get pregnant pretty soon.  That would give her a good job that nobody can argue with.  Donnie will probably try to tell her how to take care of the baby though.  That is just how Donnie is.  The end.

Official A & E Website for Billy the Exterminator
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BECKY said...

How funny! I've never even heard of this show!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

It is a riot. I think that because it is new they are creating little MSU (make stuff up) dramas, but it is a fun show.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I watched this show for the first time last night! Billy is adorable. How can you not love a guy who talks to squirrels? He had one caught in a trap and kept calling him "little dude". LOL I didn't know about all the family drama. I'd tune in just for Billy. :D

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