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Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Heidi" (1937)

Last night I watched the original movie of Heidi, starring Shirley Temple.  She is such a doll and reminds me of a cross between what my friend Carol must have looked like when she was a little girl, only with elements of Tatum.

This is a really good movie for anybody to watch.  It is interesting how things were back when Johanna Spyri wrote the book Heidi.  People could get away with a lot in the way they treated kids.  The men are really nice in the movie, but the women are really awful (except for the school teacher and the old, blind, Sweet Anna.)  I searched all over for the following photos and then found that most of them were on this website, but decided to use them anyway.  Summary of the movie 1937 movie "Heidi"

Heidi is a little German girl.  Her parents died when she was two, and she was raised by her very mean and no good Aunt Dete (Heidi's mom's sister).

Aunt Dete got a job in a big city, and brought Heidi to live with her grandfather (Heidi's dad's father).  The Grandfather (as Heidi calls him), got into a big fight with his son because he did not want him to marry Heidi's mom.  They married anyway, and then both died.  Dang.  The Grandfather became a recluse, quit going to church and was mean to the village people.  His son's death gave him a very bad attitude.

Here is Aunt Dete and Heidi on their way to The Grandfather's cabin.  Heidi got hot as they walked up the steep hill and took of a bunch of her clothing.  Aunt Dete is scolding her.

Heidi is irritated by Aunt Dete, but she isn't afraid of her.  They are just two people stuck together by fate.  It isn't a pleasant relationship, but it is not unbearable.

One of the friends that Heidi makes in her new town is Peter the Goat Master.  Peter is a nice guy, and sometimes Heidi goes with him on hikes with the goats.

Peter warns Heidi that her Grandfather is pretty mean, and that she had better watch out.

The Grandfather is gruff, but they love each other right away.  He builds Heidi a nice chair and a nice bed for her room in the hay loft above the kitchen. 

How can he not love Heidi?  She is so cheerful and adorable.  And she is the only link left to his son who died.

The Grandfather teaches Heidi to read books.  She also learns to milk the goats and make cheese.  They even begin to go to church.  The whole town is glad that The Grandfather is being nice to them again.

Things are great.  Until that bitch Aunt Dete comes back, kidnaps Heidi and sells her to a rich family in Frankfurt.  Heidi is meant to be a companion to Clara, an 11 year old in a wheelchair due to a back injury.  Heidi likes Clara fine and everybody in the household loves Heidi, except for the mean nurse, Frau Rottenmeier.  Frau Rottenmeier does not want Clara to walk again because she does not want to lose her job.  

At Christmas, Clara's father comes home.  Clara gives Heidi a snow globe that inside looks like The Grandfather hauling wood by his cabin.  Clara's father gives Clara a beautiful porcelain doll.  Clara and Heidi give Clara's father the best gift of all:  Clara can now walk!

That pisses off Frau Rottenmeir to no end!  She breaks Heidi's snow globe, kidnaps her and sells Heidi to the gypsies.

The Grandfather, finds Heidi just in time, but the cops are there.  Frau Rottenmeir lies and says that The Grandfather kidnapped Heidi.  The cops continue to believe her lies until Heidi finally mentions the name of Clara's father, and the cops think twice about letting that mean lady leave with poor Heidi.  Heidi then goes back home, to the cabin, to her happy life with The Grandfather and her friends.  They live happily ever after.  

The end!

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