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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skywatch Friday and Why I have 49 Blogs:


This morning I woke up late.  It was around 7:00.  The first thing I did was let the dogs out and then went into the kitchen to make the coffee.  I glanced out the window and saw this beautiful sunrise.  I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my camera and headed out the front door, barefoot and snapped these shots.  The cat was meowing, confused as to why she wasn't getting fed.  My husband was watching me, and I said, hey ... this stuff doesn't last, you gotta get it while you can!

I know that it is still Thursday, but I will be entering this post into Skywatch Friday as soon as I can.  To see sky photography of all kinds, please click here when you are all through here at Oregon Gifts.  Thanks!

This and That:

I'm a happy girl right now.  Baseball season is beginning, and I started wondering about Johnny Damon.  He played for the Detroit Lions last year, but when I looked him up I learned that he is now a Tampa Bay Ray ... and that Manny Ramirez is also a Ray!  Cool.  A one stop shop for me.  That looks a bit like Jamie Burke as the catcher, and I would really be happy then, but I can't find any evidence to back that up.  Jamie played for the Washington Nationals last year, and their website says that he is now on their Triple A team.  In other news, Adrian Beltre, former Mariner and Red Sox, is now a Texas Ranger, which is cool too, because they are also on t.v. a lot. 

Life is good, here in Mayberry.   

The Reason for 49 Blogs:

Thank you for all the comments and encouragement about the upcoming newspaper article.  It is funny, because you guys are being so great about me having so many blogs, while I am thinking about how much is undone on them.  Some are just going to stay the way they are, and others need to be added to and developed.  This one, Oregon Gifts, is the one that I love and have been pouring my energy into.

Why do I have so many?  Well, when I started out blogging, I didn't know anything about websites at all.  I couldn't figure out how people added "pages" to their blogs, so I set up new blogs for each page that I wanted to add.  For instance, I had this main blog, Oregon Gifts, and then added a "page blog" for my interest areas such as Cooking, Dolls and Crafts, My Photography, Friends, etc.  Sometimes I add posts to those, but not very often anymore.

Then, I made a blog for Central Oregon and one for The McKenzie River Valley.  Then, I set up a blog for our family history (that one is private), and set up about 19 "page blogs" to link to it.  So there is one for each branch of my family, and each branch of Cary's family.  Then, I went through and began scanning old photo albums and putting the pictures into their correct spots.  

Cary and I were very active in an association and I set up two blogs for that.  One was really theirs, and when we let our membership lapse, for some reason they took it off the internet.  It was a really good one too.  Oh well.  The other one is still on my sidebar, and is called MSHA Inspections.  I stopped working on it, because the whole topic made me so angry, but there is tons of great info on there as a resource for others, so it is still there.  

A couple of weeks ago, I set up 20 blogs for my new endeavor, "The Early Oregon Series" and need to settle down and fill those out.  They will be the foundation for the research for my historical novel.  They are buying me time right now.  

Another one that I need to complete is my Early Childhood Education blog.  I have it all set up, and I have all the info to put into it, and someday I will.  It will take me hours and hours and hours.  I pulled out some of my research papers last night from college, and I'll probably scan and add them to that blog too.  

As far as blogs go, they can be used as outlines for writing books and for even writing papers.  You just set them up, plug in your research and then copy and paste your work into word and print it out.  I sure wish that we had blogs in 2000, or if we did that I knew about them!  

Here is one website that I made that I am really proud of.  I made it a couple of years ago, and it is now static, but is still very useful.  When I was showing it to Wendy the other day, I could hardly believe that I made it.  I saw an information gap in our rural area, and decided to make up this website: So. Deschutes County and No. Klamath County Community Resource Website  The local free papers run ads about it for no charge when they have space, so it is a win-win for everybody.  

So that is how all those blogs came about.  This one is the only one that is my daily diary.  I was going to work on my Kathy's Picks: Beautiful and Delightful Homes and Gardens, but that became too much work, though it does have some pretty things on there, and I should bring it up to date.  

There is so much to do and so little time, it seems!  You can find many of my other blogs on the top sidebar.  I need to spruce some of them up before the Newberry Eagle article comes out in a couple of weeks.  But it is much more fun to create new posts on here!

Best and God bless,  


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Pamela said...

Awesome pictures and congratulations on your newspaper article. So exciting. As always, I really enjoyed my visit with you today, dear friend. I'll be back again!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Thanks for the explanation about your multiple blogs. I visited your Community Resource Website -- totally awesome!

Your new header photo is beautiful, as are the ones you made barefoot at dawn. Way to go!

Sylvia K said...

Terrific way to begin a day! Lovely skies and colors!Marvelous captures! Hope you have a great weekend, Kathy! Enjoy!


J Bar said...

Great skies.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Arkansas Patti said...

Me too on baseball only my team is a bit south and east of the Rays.
Huge Marlin fan--not impossible for us both to be in the world series one day. Wouldn't that be fun.
Still mind boggled with all your blogs.

Kim, USA said...

You are really right this beauty won't last. Good thing you capture it. Thanks for sharing!
Sky Watch Friday

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thank you, everybody. I will be by to visit each of you soon!

Luna Miranda said...

i'm glad you glanced from that kitchen window. beautiful colors of sunrise.

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