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Saturday, March 26, 2011

This and That Saturday:

This morning, Cary and I made the 45 minute drive from Mayberry into Redmond to attend a town hall meeting.  (Cary went to the one in La Pine last night too.  And, on Thursday evening, we both went into Bend to a DEQ hearing.)  It is all very interesting stuff.  

I took notes during this morning's meeting, and am writing up a little article for the Newberry Eagle, but I don't know if they will have room or will want to publish it.  If it does get published, I'll post the link so that you can read about the meeting, but I don't think most of you want to know about it now ~ political stuff about Oregon.  Still, it is fun for me to practice being a reporter.  Being a reporter is my secret dream.  So is writing a wonderful best selling historical novel about the beautiful State of Oregon.  Just so you know.  If you were wondering.  So that I can pay off my student loans.

Rep. Matt Wingard ~ Rep. Gene Whisnant ~  Senator Chris Telfer ~ Rep. Jason Conger ~ Rep. Mike McLane

Gene, Cary and Chris

Oregon State Representative Gene Whisnant, 
Cary Matthews, and Senator Chris Telfer

Things Can Change on a Dime ....

After we left the meeting, we drove into Bend and stopped for Chinese food to go.  I was dressed up in slacks and a jacket, with some high-heeled boots.  This was only because I cannot find my nice jeans.  They are lost.  And this is a big deal, because I only have three pairs that fit ... an old pair of Cary's, ones that are fraying on the thigh, and my good ones.

So, anyway, I guess that I was looking sharp to the lady with the shopping cart full of returnable water bottles.  She stopped me before I got to the door, and started to tell me that she should have a sign in her cart that said she was not homeless.  Nope.  She was living in the motel next door.  And she had heart problems, so if she should keel over as we spoke, everything that I would need to revive her was in the child seat of the shopping cart.  I was thinking, well, I think I'll call 911 first, lady, but somehow I didn't really think that we would actually end up facing that situation.  I was right.  Thank goodness.

She didn't use to be living in an old motel, she told me.  No! Things can change on a dime. Her husband was killed because he walked out the door of a store, and right into the path of an oncoming bullet sent from one drug dealer to another.  Heroin dealers.  He died a couple of days later.  I told her that I was sorry to hear this, that it was a very sad story.  However, besides losing him, she lost her home and income, and she wanted me to know that this could all happen to me too, in an instant!  He owned his company and she was his secretary.  They put in big systems, once upon a time (something to do with phones).  And now, look, here she was.  

That all hit too close to home, to be frank about it.  My husband owns his own company, I am his secretary, even though I call myself the general manager, and we put in big systems too, except that ours are septic instead of telephone.

I talked to her for a while and said, yes, I do know how quickly things can change.  I'm sorry that happened to you.  Cary was offering her up some cash, but she said no thank you, so he went on inside.  The lady and I finally came to a stopping point in our conversation, and I went inside too.  I thought, now what was that all about, really?  Why did she pick me?  Because I was handy?  Because she was lonely?  Or because for the first time in quite awhile I wasn't in my old jeans and sweatshirt?  Did I look hoity-toity to her, climbing out of my 6-year-old car, and walking into a restaurant with my husband, as happy and as carefree as a woman can be after leaving a Town Hall meeting?  It was like she was really trying to send me a message, and that she wanted to make sure that I got it. 

I don't know what the whole thing was about, or what I sparked in her when she saw me.  Geeze.  Next time I am just going to wear my old holey jeans so that I won't be mistaken as hoity-toity, I think. Just know this, I am not taking my life for granted!  She didn't believe me, but I really do know how things can change on a dime, for better or for worse.  I'm also going say a prayer for her.  She has been through a lot.  More than lots of folks.  She was a very nice lady, and I hope that when things change quickly for her next time, it will be for the good. 

The end.

My Soup is Featured on Lynn's Blog!

My friend Lynn, from the blog Present Letters, has recently created two neat cooking blogs: Lynn, What's For Dinner?  and  Lynn, What's for Dessert?  Lynn has flattered me by including my Split Pea with Ham recipe on her blog!  Thanks, Lynn, you are such a sweetie.  Please make sure to check out all of Lynn's work when you get the chance.

Well this is really great!  I went into edit a few sentences and Blogger deleted the whole second half of my post! I wasn't even touching that part.  Gone in an instant, like that lady's poor husband.  So, I'm sorry new Sunday readers, the book reviews are gone.  The were on Stephen King's: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and Martha Beck's:  Expecting Adam.  Both are good books, and read them if you can.  I am so disappointed.  

Oh, well, have a wonderful Sunday,


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Lynn said...

Thanks Kathy! I posted the photo of your soup on my blog.

And yes, life can turn on a dime!

Arkansas Patti said...

I think she saw in you someone who would listen and she needed that more than money. What a sad story.
I am a firm believer that we are all just one breath away from a life changing experience.
That King book sounds like one I would like. Thanks, I will look for it.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Wow. I'm in that situation, too. My husband owns his own business (commercial carpet cleaning). I used to do the admin work for him, but not anymore. Still, his business is our primary source of income. I do medical transcription and it help, but it wouldn't keep a roof over my head if something happened to Joe. I really feel for that poor lady. Hers is a cautionary tale, certainly.

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, I'm so sorry to learn that your book reviews just vanished, after you worked on them so hard! =( What a parallel to the middle part of your post, aye?

I agree with Arkansas Patty that she picked you because she thought you would listen and understand--and when someone has been through such horrible things, sometimes a kind listener can help turn a bad day around. I'll say a prayer for her, too. Thanks for sharing her story.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Thanks, everybody, I really appreciate your input to my story.

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